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This bourbon is delicious. Goes down very smoothly
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Buttered toast, vanilla and toffee followed by savory, wheated bourbon notes. A bit hot for its abv with some fumey tastes, then citric acid and a yeasty finish. (read more)
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maple sap and cinnamon. Starts semi-sweet corn syrup that turns to drying oak and slight pine in the middle. Something like peat somehow surrounds it. Finish is wax (read more)
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Nose: Deep woody/wood polish notes along with some caramel candy. Palate: Very woody, then slightly sweet and with both sour and bitter notes showing late palat (read more)
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Bit of pickle typical of young LDI ryes. There's also a hint of all-spice. The palate is the LDI rye spice box, bold and but not too flavorful. By the late palate, (read more)