About WhiskeyNotes


WhiskeyNotes is it's community. The ratings, the content, the tastings, everything comes from the community. The goal is to encourage tasting new bottles, sharing your experience with others and celebrating whiskey of all kinds.

We are impartial

WhiskeyNotes has no stake in the tastings submitted. We are 100% impartial. All reviews have been written by the community and we will never allow preferential treatment or for-pay modification of tastings.


There are tons of amazing whiskey resources on the web and many of them helped inspire the structure and functionality of WhiskeyNotes. Of particular note are:

There are more great whiskey links in the links section

We love whiskey

WhiskeyNotes was started as a way to track our own whiskey tastings. As we started tasting whiskey we quickly lost track of which bottles, regions and flavors we preferred. We found that there are tons of people who are interested in whiskey, but are intimidated by the lingo and conventions. The central mission of whiskeynotes is to bring whiskey-fans of all types together to review and talk about whiskey.